The InspecVision team is able to repair all types of pipes using different processes adapted to each type and its specifications.

Before beginning the repair process, our team is responsible for cleaning the pipes to maximize the efficiency of the work to come. Next, we determine the best repair option depending on the condition of the pipes. Everything is possible thanks to our cutting-edge equipment.

Repair types


When a pipe is obstructed by roots or other objects, its diameter is reduced, decreasing the pipe’s flow rate. This can lead to backflow if the flow increases. It is therefore important to remove these obstructions, and InspecVision has all the necessary equipment for the job.

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Generally, roots infiltrate through unsealed joints. Leaks can also be found in areas where the joints are no longer watertight. To correct the situation, InspecVision seals the defective joints. This solution is only possible when the structure is not compromised. An anti-regrowth agent can also be applied near the pipes to reduce root growth and thereby reduce the risk of re-infiltration.

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Manhole and catch-basin repairs

InspecVision is able to seal any type of manhole using an injection, or repair them with cement additives, epoxy-cement solutions, and more.

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