Engineering and underground infrastructure inspection specialists

InspecVision came into being due to the growing demand in various industries for inspections using self-propelled cameras. Based in Quebec City, our engineering firm specializes in underground infrastructure inspection services. Using state-of-the-art devices, professional inspection services, and an InspecVision-specific methodology, engineering firms, cities, municipalities, contractors, businesses, and Crown corporations can track their network inspections and network cleaning status in real time.

Turnkey service!

One of InspecVision’s strengths is providing its clients with a worry-free turnkey service. In addition to conducting the inspection, the company’s engineering division takes care of all other work stages at favourable rates. Cleaning service can also be taken care of by the InspecVision team!

Whether it is for an engineering firm, city, municipality, contractor, or business, our skilled team is happy to offer this comprehensive service.

Accurate, thorough, and timely reports!

InspecVision is aware of the importance of report deadlines and accuracy; we are therefore committed to always delivering reports in a very timely manner without sacrificing the quality of the report information. Customers will receive a clear, accurate, and complete report.

With our trucks equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our technicians/analysts can also produce real-time PACP/MACP-certified reports for construction contractors who request them. Reports provided by InspecVision can be stamped with an engineer seal upon request.



InspecVision will meet all industry inspection and engineering requirements.


With our cutting-edge equipment and our passionate, qualified team, InspecVision has a duty to conduct high-quality inspections at absolutely unparalleled prices.


Our shared vision is not only to position ourselves as a trusted reference and company in the fields of civil engineering and self-propelled camera inspection, but also to maximize the well-being of our employees by always putting people at the heart of our decisions. Creating a sense of belonging for our employees is paramount.


Geographic coverage

InspecVision operates throughout Quebec, the Maritimes, and the rest of Canada.
Regardless of where you are located, contact us for a customized estimate.

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Management Team

The directors and founders of InspecVision, Sébastien Boutin, Patrick Lamontagne, and Nicolas Faucher (certified NASSCO technical trainer), have together over 60 years’ experience in the business, environmental, and civil engineering sectors. All working in the underground infrastructure industry, they founded InspecVison Inc. to meet the growing demand for self-propelled camera inspection and engineering services and to create a trusted, inspiring company.

It was in 2019, therefore, that Sébastien Boutin decided to set up a company specializing in televised engineering and inspection in collaboration with Patrick Lamontagne, Managing Director, and Nicolas Faucher, Director of Engineering. With several years’ experience in the field, they have managed numerous important contracts for many clients, including cities, municipalities, federal States, engineering firms, and contractors.

Now, powered by a team of experienced engineers and professional technicians, the company’s credibility, efficiency, and reputation is second to none!

Sébastien Boutin, President

Sébastien Boutin


Patrick Lamontagne, Managing Director

Patrick Lamontagne

Managing Director

Nicolas Faucher, Eng. M. Eng, Director of Engineering

Nicolas Faucher, Eng. M. Eng

Director of Engineering