The InspecVision team is well equipped for cleaning all types of pipes using various techniques suited for each pipe and its specifications.

After the cleaning process, our team inspects the pipes to optimize the work. With our state-of-the-art equipment, everything is possible.

Cleaning types

Cleaning of Sewer Pipes

Whether the cleaning is in preparation for an inspection or in adherence to maintenance protocol, InspecVision meets the requirements of engineering firms, cities, municipalities, contractors and companies by cleaning sewer pipes using a vacuum truck, which allows for hydropressure cleaning

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Manholes and Catch-Basins Cleaning

It is important to prevent obstructions in piping systems by performing proper and regular cleaning to remove particles and waste.

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Pumping of Boats, Ships and Trains

InspecVision’s equipment, which is operated by a professional and qualified team, allows us to offer a pumping service for boats, ships and trains. Regardless of the location, InspecVision meets the needs and requirements of its customers.

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Culvert Cleaning

InspecVision’s trucks can remove any undesirable materials accumulated in a culvert through high-pressure cleaning (hydropressure). Whether the culvert is clogged or debris such as tree branches, tires or roots is stuck inside, hydropressure cleaning will clear everything away.

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Cleaning of Pumping Stations

Whether it is a raw water well, a sanitary pumping station or basins with accumulation (solid or other), InspecVision has the required equipment and skills to carry out an effective cleaning operation.

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Pumping of Settling Tanks

InspecVision can extract all solid or liquid materials, such as sand, grease, oil, gravel and other elements, from tanks and reservoirs. For safety reasons, the waste collected is sent to accredited centres.

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Root Shredding with High-Pressure Jets

Using self-propelled cameras, InspecVision can accurately inspect sewer lines to determine whether roots have compromised the system. The equipment used is unparalleled. Using sustained pressure, it easily shreds tree roots. Following the cleaning operation, a video is provided to determine the status of the network.

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Spill Cleanup

Whether in the commercial or industrial sector, it is important to entrust cleaning operations to a competent team with specialized equipment suited for each type of spill. InspecVision can provide a complete cleaning service following a spill.

InspecVision also has a highly efficient oil and water separation system, which is often required in cleaning up after a spill. This system can also be used in gas stations or garages to drain oil separators.

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Pumping of Contaminated Materials

Accidental spillage or leakage can occur anytime. InspecVision’s competent team quickly and professionally pumps contaminated materials and/or excavates soil affected by the contamination. InspecVision’s state-of-the-art equipment also makes it possible to transport these contaminated materials from the site to an authorized decontamination centre.

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Thawing of Frozen Pipes

More commonly used by municipalities, the pipe thawing service restores the operation of any type of water pipe. Whether it is a metal pipe, a water system, a sewer, a drain or other, the technologies we use can thaw it efficiently and quickly.

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