Our engineering team has the experience and versatility to not only assist you with all your projects, but also offer you guidance. Our mission is to think outside the box to make any project possible and guarantee its success.

Our customized engineering services are provided by skilled professionals trained in the following fields:

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Electromechanical engineering

Here are some examples of engineering activities that enable us to offer turnkey projects:

  • Data acquisition
  • Project design
  • Creation of seal-stamped plans
  • Progress monitoring
  • Work monitoring
  • Construction quality control
  • Acceptance of work on behalf of the client

Fields of applications and specializations:

  • Municipal infrastructure
  • CCTV and TO inspection report verification
  • Corrective action recommendations
  • Work prioritization
  • PACP/MACP report stamped with an engineer seal

External networks (energy and telecoms)

  • Aerial and underground design
  • Structure Use Grids (UDS) signed by an engineer
  • Load calculation using various methods (Optimization)
  • Support-Structure Use Application (DUSS)
  • Complex and strategic projects
  • Counter-expertise
  • Temporary solution
  • Refusal analysis
  • Preparatory work challenge
  • Project escalation in case of dispute
  • Risk analysis (temporary deviation from the common standard)

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Nicolas Faucher, Eng. M. Eng, Director of Engineering
Nicolas Faucher, Eng. M. Eng

Director of Engineering
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Toll free: 1-833-230-4040

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